Kid face mask reusable up to 100 times


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The washable masks for children are reusable. Made of Meryl® Skinlife Force fabric, they protect against viruses, bacteria and fungi. These masks are breathable, safe and non-toxic.

  • Material: 100% with Meryl® Skinlife Force , a special thread that neutralizes the spread of viruses and bacteria due to its abundant composition of silver ions. < / li>
  • washable and reusable masks up to 100 times
  • Protection: viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Washing: wash at 60º after each use
  • Fastening: incorporate 2 straps on the sides that can be adjusted
  • Manufacturing: Spanish
  • Color: white
  • ✓ Size : 16.5 cm (width) x 14 cm (max height)
  • ✓ Not for medical use and not considered a medical device
  • Quantity per package: 1 unit


The antiviral properties of Meryl® Skinlife Force have been certified by HeiQ, the manufacturer of the active ingredient found in yarn (HEIQ AGS-20), under registration number EPA 85249- 1.

The fabric is further treated with HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03, a vesicle technology. Vesicles destroy the virus in seconds by targeting the lipid envelope (membrane) that surrounds the virus.

Properties and characteristics

  • Use this mask with clean hands and disinfected with an alcohol-based product
  • Cover the mouth and nose with the mask
  • This mask is not for medical use
  • Wash after each use

Results (based on similar fabrics)

  • Bacterial filtration efficiency : 90.28%
  • Splash protection : Apt
  • Differential perspiration pressure : 43 pa / cm2
  • Vacuum air permeability (breathability / breathability) : Suitable
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