Face fask holder bags

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The Face fask holder bags are made with waterproofed fabric and comply with UNE 0065/20 regulations. It also has an antibacterial treatment with 92% filtration

Product information:

  • ✓ Measurements: 14.5 x 9.5 cm
  • ✓ 2-sided printing
  • ✓ Includes rope for hanging
  • ✓ Uses: it can be used both to hang and to keep in your pocket or bag.
  • ✓ Washing: up to 66 washes at 35º maintaining the water-repellent and antibacterial properties.
  • ✓ Ironing: It is recommended to iron the bags after washing to reactivate their properties.

Additional information

  • Aerosol filtration efficiency:> 96%.
  • Efficiency of particle filtration:> 95%. Tests carried out according to UNE-EN 13274.
  • Determination of dimensional stability according to ISO 5077: 2008.
  • Guarantees protection against solid and liquid aerosols.
  • Complies with everything specified in the new UNE-0065: 2020 standard and the European CWA 17553 standar


The photo shown is just an example of the design used. The placement of the pattern can vary depending on each bags.



These bags are not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42 or Regulation EU / 2017/745, nor are they PPE within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2016/425.

As it is a protective and hygiene product, no returns are possible.


  • Breathable
  • They do not absorb liquids or odors
  • Machine washable up to 60º
  • Do not adhere to the body
  • They do not absorb sweat
  • Prevents allergies like dust, bacteria, smoke, pollution, ash and pollen

Washing and drying the bags

A complete washing cycle must be carried out (moisten, wash, rinse), with the usual detergent (not higher than pH 9 and without bleach), at a washing temperature of 60ºC.

Contact between a dirty bags (to be washed) and clean clothing should be avoided. The person in charge of the washing must protect himself to handle the dirty bags.

Do not use products that can degrade or damage the materials and that diminish their protective capacity (for example bleach or softener).

It is recommended that the face bags dry completely within 2 h after washing.

It should not be dried or sanitized with a microwave oven.

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